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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The little things

This is going to be a small post, but I just wanted to take a minute and talk about some of the little things in my relationship with Shaun.

These are the very first flowers Shaun ever gave me (July 2011). Aren't they beautiful? I'm not a huge fan of flowers, but I LOVE lilies. They are my absolute favorite. When I saw them on his table, I was so surprised he remembered! Although, I'm not sure why I was so shocked, we knew everything about each other. Just the fact that he'd paid attention (and even more, cared) meant so much more than the actual flowers hahaha. :)

 He does so many little things like that for me every day. Not the flowers (although I do get those a lot too haha), but the sentiment and message behind them. He always pays attention to me, even when he works. He calls me every time he gets the chance and texts me non-stop. When he is home, we are nearly inseparable. We stay up late talking, we laugh over stupid things, and have loud, fake arguments in public just to see people's reactions!

 Yes, we definitely bring out the best in each other. haha

 The little things are so important to both of us. I feel like they built the foundation of our relationship even before we were together. Whenever we needed to talk we contacted each other. We never had to worry about being judged or anything like that. We trusted each other with humiliating secrets and personal issues. Neither of us had anyone who understood us, let alone knew how to deal with us! Shaun and I have always had an uncanny understanding of each other, and it's been such a relief to be together.