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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Last Wednesday, we hit the twenty week mark!! Not only am I halfway through my pregnancy (YES!), we had our twenty week appointment, which included the ultrasound, so we could see our little Demon Shiff!! (Shaun-tiff, for those of you who don't know what "shiff" is ;) It's been it's nickname since we started trying to have a baby haha ) and everything looks great. The Shiff is the perfect size and completely healthy, even though my weight gain has been really low (which I'm perfectly okay with!!). We're so excited to meet our little, baby boy! YES, you read right. It's a BOY!!!

Shaun's mom and my whole family guessed he would be a girl, and Ashlynn and Tyson hoped SO BAD it would be, but I pretty much knew from the start he was a boy. Shaun and I didn't really care what we got. Secretly, I think Shaun was hoping for a boy. That way, he would get to decide how the nursery was decorated! Luckily, he has great taste. It's going to be SUPER cute!! I'll post pictures once he is finished. :)   

There are a couple names we've picked out, but nothing is official, yet. We still have 4 months to decide, so no rush.  :)

It's been a fun and exciting time for us. I'm incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing husband who helps me so much, emotionally and physically, through it all. Our lives and marriage have been so blessed because of the little guy! We can't wait to finally hold him! Here is hoping the next 20 weeks goes just as fast as the first!