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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The most awkward Birthday party ever!!!

So...I dislike my inlaws.  Let's just get that out there.  They have treated my wonderful wife horribly and for that I want to hurt them....bad.  But I won't because only getting to see my wife through bars or a window just isn't going to work for me...I like to be able to touch her hahaha.  Anyway, so it was our daughter's birthday the other day and we invited the whole famn damily to come.  Which is never good.  My mom, Tiff's mom and step dad, the daughter's dad and his gf and mom, as well as Tiff's sister and her husband.  We decided to host this amazing evening at our wonderful home.  They all showed up and it seemed to be going gloriously.  Until Tiffany, my mother, and I noticed that they were all hanging around Tiffany's ex and completely ignoring us.  I have officially decided that any mother who would rather keep her ex-son-in-law rather than her own daughter deserves a spot in the firey depths of hell next to Hitler and Richard Simmons (no offense Richard).  Anyway, just to sum up...Tiffany is amazing, my mom is cool, and in-laws need to burn. Thank you.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

About us!! (A little bit bigger)


Halloween 2011!
       About me! My name is Shaun (A.K.A. Monster, Evans, Bossman, and Spudguy).  I always wanted to have A.K.A.’s so now I have them haha.  Just to get the basics out of the way real quick, I work at a Marriott hotel, which is the best hotel chain in the world.  I am the Assistant General Manager and I love it there.  I am also in the Army National Guard.  Which is great when I am actually doing my job…which is watching stuff get blown into a million pieces MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!  I love bombs…and missles…and huge artillery rounds of death!    
            My two jobs are completely opposite of each other.  At the hotel I sit at a desk and do reports and handle any situation that comes up.  While in the army they give me a map, a radio and send me to climb over mountains and pick a good spot to blow stuff up.  Best of both worlds.
            I also am going to school to get my degree blah blah blah.  Got to have it to go anywhere in life so I will get it and then be done.  My degree will be bachelors in Service Management with a Hospitality Emphasis.  It will allow me to run and eventually own a hotel.  Woo for money!!!
            I am in the army so of course I love guns.  They are fun!  Some of my earliest memories are of my dad teaching me how to shoot a gun.  Of course I begged and begged to shoot the big gun and when he finally let me it knocked me on my back and he laughed at me.  I jumped up and asked to shoot it again hahaha!  I never learn.   He is my idol.  He died when I was 16 from Kidney Cancer and I miss him very much.  He was the best dad anyone could have ever asked for.  He was always there for me when I needed him.  He taught me how a man should live his life.  It just took me a few years to listen to his advice, stubborn youngsters haha. 
I saved the best for last.  My amazing wife, Tiffany.  I never imagined that anyone could possibly know what I am thinking just by looking at me.  She looks at me and reads my expressions and my eyes and just knows what is going on in my brain.  I love it.  One of my favorite things about her is her “never-give-up” attitude.  A brief example of this is one day we were wrestling and she was getting dominated,  I am just under a foot taller than her and have about 120 lbs on her, so of course she isn’t going to win, unless I let her.  Anyway, she decided that launching herself off the wall into my chest would be brilliant way to tackle me.  Her tiny little girly frame bounced off my body and almost fell off the bed.  It was glorious!!!  She is so sweet, caring and considerate.  She would do absolutely anything for me the second that I asked.  Let’s not forget that she is absolutely gorgeous!  Everything about that woman’s body is perfect.  Her eyes are amazing, her lips and smile are to die for.  She is slightly high maintenance, shhhh don’t tell her I told you, which is fine with me because she always looks amazing! Even in PJ’s when its 1 in the morning and we are drinking mountain dew and playing Army of Two haha.  I would do anything for her and she knows it and takes advantage of it occasionally, jerkface!
Life can be rough.  As long as I have Tiffany at my side I will be able to get through anything that comes my way.  There is always bad in the world.  Whether it is just out there taunting me or throwing itself full force into me, I will hold my head high and charge right at it and break through it, I will win.  There are two quotes that I love that kind of guide my life, I will leave you with those:

“If you don’t live for something, you will die for nothing.”           Hatebreed

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing.”          Edmund Burke
Halloween 2011!
About me? Hmm… well, my name is Tiffany—obviously—and I’m a fairly laid back person… Okay, I can’t lie since my husband, Shaun, is co-author of this blog haha.
I love working out. I do it for the sake of endorphins. And, again being honest, I’m almost growing fond of Shaun’s oogling. (Now, I said almost, Shaun. If you do it, you’ll still, most likely, get attacked)
Aside from attacking Shaun, I love shopping…especially at Victoria’s Secret and the Buckle. I detest grocery shopping, but unfortunately, we have to eat. I love spring because that means it’s almost summer! Something about lying in the sun, tanning, just does it for me. Not to mention the awesome reservoir next to our house. J haha. Typical girl? Hell yes, and proud of it! I’m not crafty, and don’t have the patients to even want to be. I prefer playing Army of Two with Shaun for hours, on the PS3, or sitting on the brush guard of his Tahoe, holding tools, while he spouts off a long list of profanities at the water pump he has to replace! GO BABY!
Last year, I finished writing a young adult novel and landed a literary agent for it! My agent is getting ready to send it to publishers. It’s been such a great experience, and I’m stoked so many others have enjoyed my novel! Here’s a link to my writing blog, if anyone is interested: tiffanyevans7.blogspot.com
Shaun and I have 2 amazing little chitlins! (aka kiddos haha) Ashlynn (5) andTyson (3). We love them so much, and have so much fun, we have been contemplating adding one more to the family… so we’re getting another puppy! Hahaha kidding.
When it comes down to it, I just love life. It’s been rocky the past few months, but the outcome has been amazing. I married the type of man who I thought only existed in my imagination. And I don’t mean sappy, crazy-romantic, emotional type. I mean someone who gets and understands the ins and outs of my personality. Someone who can finish my sentences, know what I’m thinking, and stay up talking and laughing all night. Because isn’t that what love is about? Finding someone who gets you? Who loves all your quirks and understands and accepts your faults?  Shaun and I both know that life is way too hard to have to spend it with someone who doesn’t give you something to live for.