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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Update. :)

Sorry, it's been a while! But here's a little update on life. :)

I'm already 37 weeks into my pregnancy! Time has FLOWN. We are getting so, so excited for our precious little boy. His room is almost complete, thanks to my AMAZING husband who framed, insulated, sheetrocked, taped, mudded and textured the room, himself, in 2 days! I LOVE YOU, SHAUN EVANS!!! This week we are finishing painting it, and the carpet people are coming to lay the carpet. SO exciting!! Then comes the fun, decorating/setting up his room part, which we are the most excited about. We bought all brand new stuff (Thanks again, baby!!) except the changing table, which a friend from our ward gave us. (Thanks, Shannon!)  It's going to be super cute.:) Pictures will be coming soon!

And... our little Shiff has a name!! Ryker Shaun Evans. :)

Shaun wanted to name him: Shaun Pierce Evans the 2nd. Haha  And as much as I love my husband and his name, having TWO Shaun's running around would be too confusing! Luckily we both loved Ryker Shaun just as much, so we went with that.

At my 31 week appointment,  little Ryker was already head down and dropped. I couldn't believe it! I think he is just as eager to escape as I am for him to vacate. haha :) It will be so nice to get my body and way of life back. My energy level has sucked, and I haven't been able to work out at all this last trimester. I'm trying to stay as active as I can, but between the pressure of his head and the weight of my belly (my poor little legs!!) I'm lucky to keep up with the house work.

I've only gained 19lbs, and my belly has been measuring 5 centimeters smaller than it should be. Dr. Baker didn't think anything was wrong but wanted me to have a precautionary ultrasound, anyway, to make sure Ryker was okay. Yeah... I was a little freaked out! Everything ended up being perfectly fine. In fact, he is the perfect weight for his age. 5lbs 14 oz (and that was 2 weeks ago!) I guess I've just held him in really well... which I'm so, so glad! No maternity clothes for me! Woooo!! ;) Dr. Baker figures he will be about 6.5-7.0 lbs. Yay for a perfect sized baby!!

Ashlynn and Tyson are so excited, they can barely stand it! Ryker is probably the most loved baby EVER, and he isn't even here yet. Everything is all about him. They're already planning who gets to sit by him in the car (they compromised and decided to take turns haha) and they have just as much fun shopping for him as we do! They constantly talk to him and hug my belly (which took me a bit to get used to) because they think it's super cool he can hear them. They are going to be fantastic little helpers, which will be a blessing all on it's own.

We took a tour of the hospital so they can see where we will be before they come visit. AND we've gone over the routine, just in case we have to wake up and leave in the middle of the night for the hospital. We have every one's bag packed... except mine and Shaun's... Guess we should do that soon as Ryker could come any time, according to my Dr! And, we're gamers, so of course Call of Duty and the PS3 are coming with us. :) hahaha

It's such an exciting time around our house right now. I love it. There is so much I am thankful for. My amazing husband who makes me feel beautiful and takes such great care of me. He has made this experience so special and the best it ever could be. My kids who are so extremely helpful and brighten every minute of every day. I am so incredibly blessed to have the family I do.

Have a good night, everyone!

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