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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A little catching up!

July is a GREAT month! Yeah, yeah, I know it's almost September, but I'm back tracking a little. ;) Not only was it my (Tiffany's) birthday month, it was one of our anniversaries! July 14th, Shaun and I fell hard for each other and decided we'd do whatever it took to be together. We were best friends and understood each other almost perfectly... More often than not, I still think we have the same brain haha. It was a long, hard process that seemed to take forever to come together. Some days it felt like we were battling our way out of hell. Looking back now, I'd do it over and over again if it meant I could be where I am today.

 Which leads me to my next topic... We're expecting a baby March 14, 2013!

 Yup, another reason July is such a great month! We found out July 10th. :)

  Some of you may be thinking, "WHAT? Tiffany vowed never to do the whole pregnancy thing again!" Yeah, I did. In fact, when Shaun and I were first talking about being together, it was one of the first topics we hit. Neither of us wanted a baby. Ever. We'd both been too emotionally scarred by our former spouses for us to even consider it.

 It didn't take too long for that desire to change. In fact, right after we were married, we really wanted to start trying. For about 5 months we were off and on, trying to decide if we wanted a baby.

 We finally decided not to (I think we were both too scared. Haha), so I went to the girly doctor to get birth control. When I got home, I had a weird feeling that I needed to wait for my period before I started taking it. A couple days after, and about a week before my period, I started having some pregnancy symptoms. We were both convinced I was pregnant. Shaun reassured me with an everything-would-be-okay conversation, and after a few minutes of talking, we both felt good and started to get excited.

 We waited a couple days and then bought a pregnancy test. It was negative! I couldn't believe it! My symptoms were RIGHT on; the exact same as they had been the previous two times I found out I was pregnant.

 We were both SO disappointed!! We laughed at how sad we felt because we never thought we'd be so disappointed over having a baby! That's the funny things about REALLY loving someone. Your desires change and you actually want those things with them! Right then, we decided we were going to try. After that, neither of us ever had a negative or wishy-washy feeling about it. Everything just felt peaceful and happy. :)

 Two and a half months later, I had symptoms again. I waited until I missed my period to take a test, so we didn't get our hopes up again, and it was positive! YAY! We were both super excited... and, I'm not going to lie, a little nervous hahaha Big changes were coming!

 For me, the best part (aside from the baby-making, of course muahahaha) was getting to make the decision to have a baby. We decided together. And while that may seem trivial to someone else, it was HUGE for me. Shaun and I never disagreed or wanted a baby when the other didn't. Neither one of us felt pressured or obligated by the other. We were ALWAYS on the same page. It was nice, and just one more thing to make our relationship even stronger. :)

 I'm currently 11 1/2 weeks, so almost done with my first trimester! I haven't been nauseas... just tired. And poor Shaun... he has been having sympathy symptoms! Not even kidding! It's bizarre! hahaha I'm sorry, baby! But thanks for being so amazing. :) You have been the best support EVER, and I'm so excited (and blessed) to get to have this experience with you. :)


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