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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I hate working night audit!!

Hello, my name is Shaun....and I'm an alcoholic.  I'm just kidding, I don't really drink.  Anyway, it is 2:00 AM and I am sitting at my desk waiting for something to happen at the hotel so I am not bored!!  I try to be a good employee, I really do!  When I feel like I am being taken advantage of though because I don't like to say no, I get a little irritated.  I have a freaking prego wife and kids at home while others don't and I'm here working my butt off!!! GGRRRRRRR!!!!  I feel better now.

Anyway, so my wonderful wife posted about our good news! BABY TIME!! WOO!! We both swore we never would have kids again, but as she explained, things change when you find someone that you really love and want to be with!  Anyway,   we are both really excited and I already have names picked out.  If its a boy, we are calling him Mortimor.  If its a girl, we are calling her Mildred..... Tiffay would kill me!!!! HAHAHAHA.

This month (Aug) I had my AT for the National Gaurd.  Now, that is me!!!!!!  I love it!! Except for the tiny detail that my psychotic brain notices, my right leg pocket is open......so sad!!! But anyway, it was a good time and I got to meet some cool people that did a really good job running our AT.  I scored perfect on some of my qualifications...and not so perfect on others haha but I passed them all so that is good.  I also tripped on this giant rock and hurt my knee.  Turns out walking on rocks is a lot harder than people thought.  That or I have week sauce knees that can't handle the truth!!!  I enjoyed it and I am more glad its over. 

Ummm.....thats about it for now.  I hate working night audit.  I really do! There is nothing like sitting here trying to come up with things to do.  Oh well, at least I have Netflix!! Oh, and my amazing wife who stays up half the night talking to me....she is so amazing!!! I LOVE YOU BABY!!!

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