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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Man Post

I started this months ago and apparently never finished it...so here it is!!

I feel that to be a man you must:
1) Put your family before anything else, they are yours and you should claim them!
2) Work hard so that you can pay all of the bills and make your wife and kids comfortable.
3) Be able and willing to kill any and all Zombies, Mummies, and Skeletons that decide to attack     your home!
4) Teach your children that being respectful, honest, and moral will get you further in life than any amount of money.  Then be an example of that so they know how to do it.
5) Lastly, my favorite, treat your wife with all the love and respect she deserves.  Every woman is different and every man is different.  We as men need to find the things that our wives need to be happy and make sure we give them that.  Even if we hate it, they need it.  So it's our duty to do it!

Do these five things and I feel you will be a man that is respected and loved by all for how good you live your life.


  1. As the man of the house, you definitely need to invest in a "monster shield." It is an invisible shield the protects your children from all monsters. Morgan and I have even seen a monster bounce off of it one night when he was having bad dreams. Luckily, our neighbors all have one too so it's pretty funny to watch the monster bounce from house to house! :)

  2. I thought about getting the Monster Shield to watch the bouncing monsters (that would be hilarious), but instead invested my money in the Automatic Undead Blaster 5000! It's invisible and sits on my roof and blasts any and all undead that enter my yard....and sometimes chickens...oops haha.

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  4. Every woman is special and deserves to be treated that way. But, is it fair for a woman to expect that and then not give it in return? That is a two way road that must be traveled by partners who love and care for each other above themselves. When selfishness starts to creep in and make its home in one of those partners hearts, not long thereafter it is embedded in the others heart as well because they are trying to get back the things they had.
    I would like to think that whoever "Anonymous" is, that posted and called these two adulterers was completely clean themselves. Because if they had done anything in any way sexual with someone other than their spouse while they had been married, they are hypocrites and are far worse off. Get over it whoever you are. These two have moved on with their lives, its time you did the same!!

  5. Anonymous--
    I dont think the post said anything about cheating, and I can assure you we are neither "cheaters" nor "adulterers", but thanks for the well-wishes! Shaun treats me (his wife) with more love and respect than I could ask for. Everyday. Just as his post says a man should. So no problems there.